Hello friends!

The Valley Market Warburton

The Valley Market Warburton first Sunday every month!

11am-3pm Behind The Arts Centre Warburton

The Valley Market ECOSS is running every Friday 3:30pm-6pm at Yarra Valley ECOSS

711 Old Warburton Rd Wesburn.

The Valley Market ECOSS-

It all started with farm gate sales at Silvertine farm ECOSS to replace The Warburton Summer Produce Market back in March 2020 just as the Pandemic hit Australia.  The Market has now grown to become a vibrant market and a saviour for many to purchase fresh local produce throughout Covid at Yarra Valley ECOSS. As a result we have made the decision to re-brand the market to become The Valley Market and run the market all year round at ECOSS and in addition The Warburton Valley Market runs once a month on the weekend and run all year round!

Christmas Twilight Market– at Yarra Valley ECOSS

Friday 16th December 3.30-9pm

Live music, food, produce, art, craft and more!

The Market has 2 locations-

The Valley Market ECOSS:

Yarra Valley ECOSS 711 Old Warburton Wesburn Fridays.

The Valley Market Warby:

Near the river, and at the rear of The Arts Centre Warburton. Here we will bring people, music, arts, craft and produce together.